Expert advisory panels

The Commission benefits from the support of two specialist panels.

Analytical and technical panels

Two groups help test and scrutinise our evidence base.

The Commission has established two expert advisory panels, one analytical and one technical.

The analytical and technical panels perform a range of functions. Each panel:

  • acts as a sounding board for emerging thinking and methodologies and provide the Commission with a range of perspectives related to its work
  • exposes documents to additional scrutiny prior to publication
  • advises on the quality, limitations, and appropriate uses of research carried out by, or on behalf of the Commission
  • advises on specific issues and problems
  • helps the Commission to establish and maintain relationships with other experts and stakeholders, where appropriate.

Information on the membership of the panels can be found below.

Technical Panel

  • Tim Chapman, Arup
  • Brian Collins, Professor of Engineering, UCL
  • Graham Dalton, Chief Executive of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation
  • Richard Dawson, Director, Centre for Earth Systems Engineering Research, Newcastle University
  • Isabel Dedring, Director, Global Transport Leader, Arup
  • Jim Hall, Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks & Director of the Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University
  • Hanif Kara, Founder and Equity Director, AKTII
  • Robert Mair, Professor of Civil Engineering, Cambridge University
  • Natasha McCarthy, Head of Digital and Data Policy, Royal Society
  • Lucy Musgrave, Director, Publica
  • Robbie Owen, Head of Infrastructure Planning and Government Affairs, Pinsent Masons
  • Nick Pidgeon, Professor of Environmental Risk, Cardiff University.

Analytical panel

  • Mike Batty, Bartlett Professor of Planning, UCL
  • Nick Crafts, Professor of Economics and Economic History, University of Warwick
  • Diane Coyle, Professor of Economics, University of Manchester
  • Amelia Fletcher, Professor of Competition Policy, Norwich Business School
  • David Newbery, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge
  • Henry Overman, Professor of Economics, Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics
  • Andrew Sentance, Senior Economic Adviser, PWC
  • Jon Temple, Professor, Bristol University
  • Tony Venables, BP Professor of Economics & Director, Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies, University of Oxford.
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