Generational Shift

YPP Cohort: 2018-20

The inaugural Young Professionals Panel was established in 2018 to support and inform the Commission’s work, offering independent perspectives on the future of infrastructure

Young Professionals Panel 2018–20

The inaugural Young Professionals Panel (YPP) was appointed in April 2018 to support and inform the Commission’s work, and raise awareness and engage younger audiences in shaping the future of the UK’s infrastructure.

The 16 young professionals appointed to the inaugural Panel are listed below (a new Panel was appointed in June 2020). The Panel devised their own work plan for their term in office, reflecting particularly on how infrastructure should be planned and delivered to meet the needs of future generations. Panel members attended parts of Commission meetings and fed into various policy discussions.

Highlights of the YPP’s work can be found across these pages, including the ‘Thought Pieces’ which are offered as provocations for reflection on the future of infrastructure, cutting across sectoral boundaries and traditional approaches and offering ideas for the future.

Across the material on these pages, the YPP explore how infrastructure is a great integrator at best – connecting people and places, supporting local economy and fostering social interaction; while at worst, badly planned or lacking infrastructure leaves communities cut off, whether physically, digitally or socially.

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