David Menzies

Modelling Lead

Warming up a new way to model future behaviours
Woman and child wearing colorful pair of woolly socks warming cold feet in front of heating radiator in winter time. Electric or gas heater at home.

Warming up a new way to model future behaviours

An opinion piece by David Menzies, Modelling Lead for the National Infrastructure Commission. To a large extent, how you heat your home is your decision. For most people it’s also a decision taken when their existing heating system is at or near the end of its life. Will you keep gas central heating? Will you...

1 Dec 2021 By
Opening up our data
3d rendering of rows of network servers machine farm cloud computing hardware on blue sky background.

Opening up our data

Here at the Commission, data underpins our work. It helps us understand the state of infrastructure in the UK, how well it is performing for us, and what infrastructure we might need in the future. Because it’s so important, we’ve been working to make it easier for you to access and use. Welcome to our...

6 Nov 2020 By

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