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CaMKOx Corridor Data


Data on population, skills, jobs, housing and 'gross value added', in the Cambridge-Oxford-Milton Keynes corridor.

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CaMKOx Corridor Data

Data submitted by the 6 Local Enterprise Partnerships along the corridor.

The CaMKOx corridor comprises the area around and between Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford, places whose names combine to form the acronym ‘CaMKOx’.  A comprehensive range of data was offered to the Commission from the six Local Enterprise Partnerships situated along the corridor: Buckinghamshire, Thames Valley, Greater Cambridge, Greater Peterborough, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, and South East Midlands.

Data includes that on housing, population, jobs, skills, and ‘gross value added’.

Bridge in Bedford

Status:  Completed

Cambridge - Milton Keynes - Oxford Growth Arc

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