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The Second National Infrastructure Assessment: Charts from the Baseline Report


Data from the Baseline Report providing an overview of the current performance of the infrastructure sectors within the Commission's remit

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Executive summary

The Baseline Report set out the current state of the UK’s economic infrastructure and identifies key challenges for the coming decades.

The Commission will make recommendations to address these challenges in the second National Infrastructure Assessment, which will be published in the second half of 2023.

The Baseline Report identified a number of priorities which will inform the structure of the Assessment. These include identifying the infrastructure needed for hydrogen and carbon capture and storage to decarbonise parts of the economy, improving recycling rates, and the long term investment needs for surface transport within and between cities and towns.

The interactive charts on this page correspond to the data used for each of the sector chapters in the Baseline Report; the chart numbering follows that used in the report.

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View of Manchester city centre

Status:  Completed

National Infrastructure Assessment

An assessment of the United Kingdom's infrastructure needs to 2055 and beyond.

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