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Historic Transport Datasets
A Princess Coronation (Duchess) class express steam locomotive steaming fast up the west coast main line on the fringes of the English Lake District. A car travelling in the opposite direction is on the adjacent M6 motorway.

Historic Transport Datasets

The Commission's Historic Transport Dataset provides select data on Britain's transport sector spanning back as far as 1870.

12 Mar 2021
Transport Connectivity
Aerial view of a complex motorway road junction with traffic moving. Cars, lorries, vans and a train can be seen travelling through a busy road interchange from above

Transport Connectivity

Data measuring the connectivity within (intra-urban), and between (inter-urban), different places.

20 Feb 2019
Performance Measures
Cardiff city centre in the autumn viewed from the air

Performance Measures

Data the Commission uses to assess the performance of the UK’s infrastructure systems and the services they provide.

14 Dec 2018
Interim (2015) National Infrastructure Assessment: Transport Modelling
Piccadilly central bus and metro station with moving tram and buses in Piccadilly gardens at the city of Manchester in England

Interim (2015) National Infrastructure Assessment: Transport Modelling

Data on road and rail traffic, and modelled projections.

13 Oct 2017

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