Engineered greenhouse gas removals   |   Report

Greenhouse gas removal technology attributes

Research by Foresight Transitions which has contributed to the final report of the greenhouse gas removals study

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The Commission appointed Foresight Transitions to carry out a technical review of current knowledge on two greenhouse gas removal technologies: bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and direct air capture (DAC). The technical report critically reviews and summarises information on these two technologies, providing an overview of their different attributes. This includes how advanced these technologies are, the inputs they require, how much they cost etc. The report also presents a summary of existing BECCS and DAC projects around the world.

The research informed the findings of the final report of the greenhouse gas removals technologies study.

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The UK from a satellite

Status:  Completed

Engineered greenhouse gas removals

The final report of our study looking at the potential for this technology to help the UK achieve its net zero emissions obligations.

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