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PWC Towns social research study

People living in English towns are generally satisfied with digital connectivity, but are more concerned about the quality of transport infrastructure.

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To support the evidence base for the final reports of the towns study – Infrastructure, Towns and Regeneration – PWC was commissioned to undertake quantitative and qualitative social research on how residents perceived the standard of digital and transport infrastructure in their own towns.

The research showed that satisfaction with digital infrastructure is higher than it is for transport infrastructure with at least six in ten satisfied; this is particularly the case amongst residents in large towns. In contrast, satisfaction with transport infrastructure is lower than it is for digital infrastructure, but is slightly higher among residents of large towns and those who use public transport frequently.

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Night time cityscape of houses in Walsall, UK

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Infrastructure, Towns and Regeneration

A study exploring how to maximise the benefits of infrastructure policy and investment for towns in England.

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