Operability of highly renewable electricity systems   |   Report

Research into renewable electricity systems - Baringa

Research for the Commission by Baringa to support the paper on the operability of highly renewable electricity systems.

Tagged: Energy & Net Zero

To support the publication of the paper Operability of highly renewable electricity systems, Baringa was commissioned to complete a study to explore how other countries and regions are addressing the challenges of integrating high levels of renewables into their electricity systems. The primary aims of this study were to:

  • Understand what progress comparable electricity systems to the UK have made in deploying renewables
  • Synthesise evidence on how effective current policies and markets have been in deploying high levels of renewables to date
  • Summarise how other regions/countries that have deployed high levels of renewables have integrated them effectively onto their electricity grids to help the Commission derive a set of insights relevant to the UK.

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Status:  Completed

Operability of highly renewable electricity systems

Analysis of the solutions available to address the challenge of maintaining security of supply.

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