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Episode 9 – Design

Charlotte explores the importance of encouraging design innovation and how people-centred design helps connect citizens to where they live.

Episode 10 – Carbon

The panel discuss the challenge of creating a low-carbon economy in the UK and what it means for infrastructure.

Episode 8 – Cities

The panel explains why infrastructure is crucial to creating well-performing, liveable cities that people want to work in and make their home.

Episode 5 – Tunnels

Charlotte discusses how tunnels can transform the connectivity of communities and the impressive feats of engineering they require.

Episode 3 – Diversity

To explore how the world of infrastructure could benefit from greater diversity, Charlotte is joined by Casey Ryan, a transport specialist and trans advocate.

Episode 2 – Data Visualisation

Charlotte draws upon the expertise of Vishal Kumar, a cultural data scientist, who uses open city data to understand the culture and science of cities.

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