The Secretariat

Senior management team

The Chief Executive is supported by a senior management team comprising the Chief Economist, Chief Operating Officer and two Directors of Policy. This group meets regularly and provides day-to-day oversight of the Commission staff’s activities.

Staff team

A dedicated team of civil servants supports the Commission's work.

The Commission secretariat stands at approximately 50 staff, led by its Chief Executive.

The Commission aims to ensure that its staff brings together a range of public and private sector skills and experience, relevant to the specific projects and workstreams being undertaken.

Our current staff team includes direct employees of the Commission and civil servants on loan from a number of relevant departments (including DfT, BEIS and Defra). We also occasionally second specialist staff for defined periods from local authorities, regulators and the private sector.

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Latest updates

James Heath speech to Infrastructure Forum Annual Policy Summit
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James Heath speech to Infrastructure Forum Annual Policy Summit

James Heath, Chief Executive of the National Infrastructure Commission, addressed the Infrastructure Forum Annual Policy Summit yesterday (29 September 2020). His speech explored the importance of a long term strategy for infrastructure planning, the tests which the Commission will apply to the government’s forthcoming National Infrastructure Strategy, and the key policies the Commission recommends is...

30 Sep 2020 By
My first 100 days
Picture of James Heath

My first 100 days

100 days ago, I took up my post as Chief Executive of the NIC. Like others who have changed jobs during the crisis, I’ve been navigating the challenge of being away from a tangible office environment and getting to know my new team through calls and computer screens. While it’s been a rather unconventional start, I join at a time when the Commission’s work has never...

14 Aug 2020 By
Can data help make our crucial infrastructure even more resilient?
Picture of Elaine Voss

Can data help make our crucial infrastructure even more resilient?

Now more than ever we can see the importance of data to help us anticipate, react, and recover from infrequent but potentially devastating events. But this is not just true of pandemics: data can help us to manage direct shocks to infrastructure as well. During the current crisis, our infrastructure systems have generally stood up...

17 Jul 2020 By
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