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Our role

The Commission's purpose, objectives and mission statement.

The Commission provides government with impartial, expert advice on major long term infrastructure challenges.

The Commission’s objectives are to:

  • support sustainable economic growth across all regions of the UK
  • improve competitiveness;
  • improve quality of life; and
  • support climate resilience and the transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

A series of discussion papers explores the strategic approaches taken by the Commission in fulfilling these objectives:

These approaches have informed the recommendations made by the Commission in the Second National Infrastructure Assessment, published on 18 November 2023.

In fulfilling our purpose and objectives, we:

  • set a long term agenda – identifying the UK’s major economic infrastructure needs, and the pathways to address them,
  • develop fresh approaches and ideas – basing our independent policy recommendations on rigorous analysis, and
  • focus on driving change – building consensus on our policy recommendations, and monitoring government progress on their delivery.

The Commission is an Executive Agency of HM Treasury. The Commission and government have agreed an updated Charter and Framework Document setting out their respective responsibilities. The Commission’s remit was revised in October 2021 to add an additional climate resilience objective.

You can read more about who we are and how we operate on the pages below.

NIA2 expert advisory panels

Membership of the three expert panels helping inform and challenge the Commission's second National Infrastructure Assessment.

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Corporate Reports

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What we do

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The Secretariat

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Young Professionals Panel

Archive information on the work of groups appointed to help support and inform the Commission’s work.

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Design Group

A diverse group of creative and technical design leaders working to inspire, promote and champion design excellence in UK infrastructure.

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The Commission

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