Young Professionals Panel

Providing fresh thinking to the Commission’s work in long term infrastructure planning.

Supporting and informing the Commission's work

Established in 2018, the Young Professionals Panel (YPP) supports and informs the Commission’s work and ensures a strong voice for the next generation of infrastructure leaders in the Commission’s programme.

The YPP brings together professionals from across industry, including quantity surveyors, engineers, economists and rail experts. Established in 2018 to provide fresh thinking to the National Infrastructure Commission’s work in long term infrastructure planning, a key goal of the panel is to raise awareness and engage younger audiences in shaping the future of the UK’s infrastructure.

A new cohort was appointed in July 2020 and a short biography of each member is available at the bottom of this page.

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Infra[un]structured Podcast

One of the ways in which the YPP engages with the issues associated with long term infrastructure planning is through its own podcast, Infra[un]structured. Each episode is hosted by one or two members of the panel. Together with  invited guests from across the infrastructure sector, they get under the bonnet of a range of issues relevant to the Commission’s work programme, such as net zero energy, smart infrastructure and the role of infrastructure in levelling up disparities in the economic geography of the UK.

All the episodes of the podcast – including those recorded by members of the first YPP cohort – are available by clicking on the button below.

Listen to the latest podcast

The YPP has produced a brief video explaining what ‘levelling up’ means, in the first of a series of explainers to help introduce key topics in economic infrastructure.

A second video, produced in March 2021, offers the YPP’s perspective on the range of factors which might inform prioritisation of awards from the government’s Levelling Up Fund.

2018-2020 YPP cohort

Image of the Young Professionals Panel recording a podcastThe first group of 16 young professionals was appointed in 2018 and their tenure ended in April 2020.

Details of the work they undertook, including launching the Infra[un]structured podcast series, can be found on the Generational Shift pages via the link below.

Generational Shift

YPP Members

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How infrastructure can help counter infection

An opinion piece by Monica Laucas, drawing on conversation with Chelsea Stefanska, Global Health Security Specialist at Mott MacDonald I recently discussed with Chelsea Stefanska, a Global Health Security Specialist at Mott MacDonald, how epidemiology can influence infrastructure design and how infrastructure can be retrofitted to be pandemic resilient. “As an infectious disease epidemiologist, it...

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Young infrastructure professionals test top ten proposals for driving change
Annual Monitoring Report 2021

Young infrastructure professionals test top ten proposals for driving change

Our Young Professionals Panel considers the government’s National Infrastructure Strategy and Budget and puts forward its top ten recommendations in response to the Strategy and the Commission’s recent Annual Monitoring Report.

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Engaging younger generation with transformation of UK’s infrastructure goal for next YPP

Engaging younger generation with transformation of UK’s infrastructure goal for next YPP

The ten new members of the National Infrastructure Commission Young Professionals Panel meet for the first time today with a remit to build a stronger voice for younger infrastructure creators and users in the Commission’s work, at a time of increased focus on infrastructure as a key engine of economic recovery. Meeting virtually as a...

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