Young Professionals Panel second cohort

YPP Cohort: 2020-23

The second group of Young Professionals Panel members was appointed in 2020 and served and supported the Commission's work prior to publication of the second National Infrastructure Assessment

Carrying on the YPP's work

The second group of ten members - this time, with a designated Chair - was appointed in 2020, to continue providing critical challenge and insights to the Commission's work.

This second group’s period in office was extended for another year until July 2023, recognising that their appointment during the first pandemic lockdown had limited their initial opportunities to get involved fully in the Commission’s work. Despite the challenges created by starting work during a lockdown, the group has continued the work of the YPP to ensure that the voice of the next generation of engineers, regulators, planners and infrastructure operators has been heard in the work of the National Infrastructure Commission, including that leading to the second National Infrastructure Assessment.

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