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Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford corridor: interim report

The Commission’s initial assessment of the key challenges facing the regional corridor.

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In March 2016, the National Infrastructure Commission was asked to consider how to maximise the potential of the Cambridge - Milton Keynes - Oxford corridor as a single, knowledge-intensive cluster that competes on a global stage, protecting the area’s high quality environment, and securing the homes and jobs that the area needs.

This interim report presents the Commission’s assessment of the key challenges facing the corridor. It sets out how the Commission will work over the next year to help tackle these challenges. The report also sets out a number of shorter term recommendations which it believes the government should implement whilst the Commission’s second phase of work is underway.

The Commission’s central finding is that a lack of sufficient and suitable housing presents a fundamental risk to the success of the area. Without a joined-up plan for housing, jobs and infrastructure across the corridor, it will be left behind by its international competitors. By providing the foundations for such a strategy, new east-west transport links present a once-in-a-generation opportunity to secure the area’s future success.

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Cambridge - Milton Keynes - Oxford corridor interim report

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Cambridge - Milton Keynes - Oxford Growth Arc

Securing the long term economic success of an important economic region.

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