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Arup - Future of Great Britain's gas network

Analysis of different cost scenarios for the future of the gas network.

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The Commission and Ofgem jointly commissioned this study to investigate capital cost scenarios for the transition of the gas network (between now and 2050), based on varying levels of hydrogen uptake within Britain’s domestic, non-domestic and industrial energy mix.

It assesses the network assets to identify the following aspects:

  • activities required to transition from the current situation to the future state
  • the operations implications of these activities
  • timing of them
  • illustration of the costs involved in making the transition.

The study uses three illustrative scenarios to demonstrate the range of possible futures and associated system-level costs. There is an accompanying data set for this report, which can be downloaded below.

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Scout Moor windarm and the Naden Reservoirs near Rochdale

Status:  Completed

Second National Infrastructure Assessment

Our thirty year plan for a low carbon and resilient economy that supports economic growth and protects the natural environment

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